Industry Sector

Oil & Gas Construction Industry

Onshore & Offshore

Whether onshore or offshore – CKG offers compressor solutions for various applications in this segment. The exploration and production of oil and natural gas requires a variety of compressor solutions to meet the demanding requirements of that industry. Different applications at different environments require expert know-how of the compressor solution provider. CKG offers tailored reciprocating compressor solutions for upstream oil & gas.


Power Industry

CKG compressors have been operating reliably in power plants of all types throughout the world – whether they operate continuously or in start / stop mode. At the same time, the volume flows and pressure ranges are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. CKG is always happy to take into account customers’ individual requirements and is able to cater for (virtually) any request.


Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

CKG Compressors has been in functional on a daily basis over a wide period of time for different types of Manufacturing Industry. The rugged and stable performance of CKG Compressors has ensured the cost optimization and business seamless operation of our Clients.


Civil and Infrastructure Construction Industry

CKG operations in the Commercial sector consist of supplying integrated products and services to customers involved in the construction or maintenance of commercial and mixed-use developments. These typically include office towers, high rise apartments, shopping centers, hotels, car parks, recreational buildings, and hospitals. CKG operate in this sector providing Air Rental Solutions. Contracts are typically medium to long term.


Mining Industry

Mining industry deals with the process or business regarding extraction of ore or minerals from mines. Mining Industry has been challenging operation whereby the objective is extensively dealing in the extraction of minerals and valuable resources, which encompasses several surface mining or underground techniques. Due to the inherent dangers of the Industry, the equipment utilized in all aspects of mining must be of the highest quality, in terms of both performance and reliability.

It is imperative that all compressed air systems or equipment used in these situations are specifically designed to prevent static electricity build-up and are grounded properly. This includes hoses, which can be made of fire retardant and anti-static materials. In addition to being more restrictive in terms of availability, underground compressors can also become fire hazards, which is why surface compressors are more often used.

Common Mining Applications for Compressed Air: