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CKG INTERNATIONAL FZC is a complete rental solutions provider for portable compressed air and nitrogen systems, originally founded in United Arab Emirates in 2012. At CKG, we specialise in 100% oil free air compressors, oil flooded air compressors, air drying systems, booster compressors and portable nitrogen generators, as well as accessories like hoses and manifolds.

We deal with and supply to all major oil and gas projects and power industries in the United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.

CKG INTERNATIONAL FZC prides itself in offering factory-trained personnel within all aspects of our business. Whether it’s product advising, design consulting, service support or hands on technical assistance, our enterprising staff has the knowledge and expertise to steady the requirements of your business.

” CKG is committed to the highest standards of quality, dependability and customer support. Rated for continuous duty, all of our compressors have been field tested in the most demanding applications and extensively refined to provide true 24/7 reliability. “

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